Don Blankenship weighs in on global warming


Mel Tyree says burning coal is melting Arctic ice and causing droughts and wildfires, and that the glaciers in Glacier National Park will be gone in 15 years and the ocean’s coral reefs in 40 years (Readers’ Forum, Sept. 23).

He must not know the facts. Summer Arctic sea ice is up 25 percent since 2007. Carelessness and arson, not coal, cause wildfires. Drought was worse in the 1930s than now (read The Grapes of Wrath). Even the United Nations says these extreme-weather events can’t be blamed on “global warming.”

Glaciers come and go: the 9,575 glaciers in the Himalayas show no trend either way in 200 years. Many are advancing.

Scientists say coral reefs evolved 550 million years ago, when CO2 concentration was 18 times today’s. Sea temperature at the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral colony, has not changed for 30 years. Globally, there has been no warming for 15 years. The world has been rapidly cooling since 2001.  Nothing Mr. Tyree, Mr. Al Gore or Mr. Cecil Roberts can do or say will change the Earth’s temperature.

The “global warming” superstition threatens coal miner jobs and West Virginia communities. It even threatens the financial well-being of The Charleston Gazette.

By the way, since Mr. Tyree is from Hurricane, he should know that, despite predictions that global warming would cause an increase in hurricanes, there haven’t been many this year.

Mr. Tyree suggested I visit the Arctic. Perhaps he should visit the Antarctic, where temperatures have been falling for decades. It’s not hard to get there. Start by flying to Melbourne, Australia, as I did several years ago.

Take a coat.

Don L. Blankenship
Chairman and CEO
Massey Energy

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