Reply to Mr. Maggard

I’m not any of those you ask to comment here, but I’ll will, Mr. Maggard! As far as your question, it really doesn’t matter who replies. You see, when the “overburden” of a site includes bulldozing bear dens, and destroying the subtle flora and fauna of the mountains, and the waste slag is dumped illegally (See Clean Water Act) into streams, and the dust creates health problems for locals, a half assed garden, or tree, or birds nest that looks pretty on the site is not the issue. I grew up in the Appalachians, and you can never get back what strip mining destroys. Period. And your comment about Walmart is really funny, because the local economies in West Virginia can’t support a Walmart. And we all know what Walmart did to the small businesses of this country. Coal mining is doing the same thing. You know as well as I do that all that money goes out on a coal train, and very little stays in the local economies where it came from. You don’t even begin to talk about the real issues. If reclamation was the only issue, you’d still lose, because you can never regain the biodiversity, and natural environment ever again. And beyond that, this issue is about finding new ways of creating energy, as we all know that coal is poisoning our air, water, and one of the biggest causes of global climate change. And your pictures don’t have a wide angle. Let’s see what things look like from the air. Show me a photo of how a mine site looks just like the surrounding forest and mountains from the air. Why don’t you, Mr. Maggard, start talking about the issues, and not the band aid the coal companies try to sell to the people. I’ve seen the results of strip mining, and there is no way you can ever get back what we’ve lost. It’s just another example of how exploitation of the Earth’s resources is accepted as long as it makes big money. I don’t understand how you can be so personally vindictive about celebrities that use their fame to make points about loving the earth, and finding ways to change our behavior for the better. What the heck is wrong with that? Most of the “tree-huggers” that I’ve seen are peacefully protesting. While most of the threats, fear, screeching of tires, gunshots, dead dogs, and middle fingers have come from those who support mining. Get real.
-Citizen Harry

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3 Responses to Reply to Mr. Maggard

  1. Randall Maggard says:

    This response is for ” Citizen Harry ”
    I would like to know what you do to earn a living and provide for yourself or family… windmills???????. When it comes to the natural resources that are required by society there are only two sources… You either have to ” Grow It or Mine It “… which do you do????? Oh, by the way why did you leave the Appalachains?


  2. Citizen Harry says:

    If you’re not going to respond to my reply, it’s hardly worth talking with you Randy. But I’ll make another stab at replying to your original. When a person, in the prime of their life, has to live next to a strip mine, life is hell. We all know what happens, all that you know is lost. No more knowing where the deer hunting is best, no fishing in streams, dust in your house, physical problems. Even if twenty years later the land is ‘reclaimed’, it is never the same. The biodiversity is lost. I started talking with you because after seeing the movie, I thought you might be someone that would consider actually talking about the issues. But I’ll reply to yours, Randy… I work now in the midwest, because my parents moved there when I was about eight years old… that’s why I left the Appalachians. And I work now in the computer industry, and industry that could easily employ the people of West Virginia if they had enough money to educate themselves. Don’t give me that, Coal Companies provide jobs, because it just isn’t true. Sure, some people work in the coal industry, but many more people are just devastated by it. Don’t call me a tree hugger, because I am a realist. However, there are some things on this good green Earth that we shouldn’t have to stand for. And polluting our waterways, air, and health is one that I feel strongly about. The argument that something is ok, just because it creates a few jobs was quelled in the turn of the century when children even worked in factories. It’s just time to move forward, and try to work together to find a new way to create energy. Surely, you must know that strip mining doesn’t provide very much of the coal that the US uses. It’s all about profits, and the miners, or Appalachia isn’t seeing hardly any of it. If you’re just going to talk down to me like I’m an idiot, I’ll just leave our discussion cold. I’d certainly like to coorespond about the real issues. There, I’ve responded to some of yours, how about some of mine?

    • Randall Maggard says:

      Citizen Harry,
      Please check your facts. The vast majority of coal produced by the US comes from ” Strip Mines ” … but I would rather refer to them as ” Surface Mines ” .Have you ever seen photos or been to the vast mining complexes in Wyoming? They are ten times or more larger than the largest mines in West Virginia.
      Why doesn’t anyone complain about them?????


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