Woody Harrelson liner notes / dedication for the Coal Country companion CD


“Mountaintop removal is the most devastating
peacetime activity in human history — in fact,
if the destruction to our nation’s natural and
cultural heritage were being perpetrated by a
foreign power, it would be considered an act of
war — because in a very real sense, it is — it
is a war against the Earth. Every week,
mountaintop removal coal-mining detonates more
explosive force on the land and the communities
of Appalachia than the atomic bomb dropped on
Hiroshima, to extract the coal that is warming
the planet and poisoning the water, air and land.
The artists on this musical compilation are
dedicated, as I am, to ending this unsustainable,
and ultimately suicidal practice and to promoting
renewable energy alternatives and the green jobs
they will create. All proceeds from the sale of
this CD will be used to support the groups
working to stop mountaintop removal coal-mining.
Won’t you please join them. Thank you. For the Earth and her children,”

Woody Harrelson

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